Weekend Roundup: March 10-12

Want to impress your kids with some Irish magic? Don’t miss one of Chicago’s most magical events: dyeing the river green! Your kids are sure to be awestruck by this feat of (environmentally friendly) science. Stick around for the St. Paddy’s Day parade, catch some children’s theater, and join in an artistic workshop that gives back to others to round out your weekend.

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The Best Children’s Books of 2017

Last year we shared with you the The Association for Library Service to Children’s (ALSC) list of best books for kids under 7, and they’ve delivered once again with this year’s picks. Defined by the ALSC as “notable,” these books are thought to exhibit venturesome creativity and be of commendable quality, and include books of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and pictures. Browse through to find unique illustrations and surprising subject matter that will encourage your children’s interests; you’re sure to find a few titles to add to your library!


The Best 7 Kids’ Shows on Netflix

Tired of your kid begging for the same show day after day? Introduce them to something new that will entertain both of you! Netflix has upped their game this year when it comes to kids programming, so give it a whirl and let us know if your favorite show didn’t make the list! All of the following shows are rated ages 3 and up.


How to Beat the Chicago Bag Ban

We’ve had almost a month now to get used to the new Chicago plastic bag tax. Don’t like being charged for a shopping bag? You can pretty easily change your daily behavior to avoid paying this tax— stash your reusable bags in your car or keep a lightweight bag in your work-bag. Pick up one of these bags to express your Chicago pride and save your pennies!


3 Ingredient Recipes: Donut Edition

Who knew donuts could be so easy to make? We used prepared doughs to decrease the number of ingredients needed and time spent in the kitchen. Keep the kids away from the hot oil when you’re frying, but invite them back in to help you decorate!

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Chicago Free Museum Days: March

The museums in Chicago are a great way to entertain your little ones (while perhaps sneaking in something you also find interesting) – but your wallet can certainly take a hit during these visits. Luckily, many of these Chicago institutions offer Illinois resident free admission days. Take a look below for each museum’s free days or skip down to see the calendar summarizing the free days for March, 2017.


Ultimate Guide: Where to Get Paczki in Chicago

It’s almost paczki day! Whether you prefer the traditional variety or uniquely flavored paczki, there are plenty of Chicago spots who will be baking and frying like crazy to make sure you get your Fat Tuesday fix. Read on to see our picks!


DIY: I Spy Bottle

DIY: I Spy Bottle Here’s a craft the kids will love! Your kids can personalize their bottle to make it their own, and they’ll love picking out their favorite little toys and colors to use. Once it’s made, your I Spy bottle is mess free, so it’s perfect for your little one to play with during … Continued